mandag den 31. maj 2010

Helllooooooooooo Sweden!

In life things sometimes move a lot faster than you expect. When I started this little company I thought I would be supplying inner Copenhagen with a few kegs every other month, but things have a way of playing tricks on you.

Shortly after the festival I got in contact with Brill (Swedish Importer) and after a few emails we agreed upon sending a pallet of 30 kegs to Sweden. Today it will be picked up from Nørrebro and will soon be hitting a lot of different pubs all over Sweden. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach a larger audience. Lets just hope that the Swedes will appreciate the fruits of my hard labour.

In other news I have a new beer that is hitting both Denmark and Sweden. It is called Summer Breeze and is a 4,7% ABV American Pale Ale. The concept is a low alcohol beer that has loads of aromatic hops, but a low alcohol level and fermented dry with no caramel malts. So it is a summer beer, but with a bit more ula-la.

At Nørrebro I have brewed a kellerbier which I intend to dry hop with even more fresh German hops. German hops are used all to seldom in modern brewing and this is a more modern interpretation of this classic.

For Croocked Moon I will be brewing an American lager (Aggressively hoped, obliviously) and in fond memory of my predecessor, Mr. E. Hill, I will try my luck with a black IPA.

All in all… So many thoughts and so little time. I think my thesis would appreciate some attention too, but more on that later.


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  1. Uhada - spændende!! En tøseøl til mig! Fantastisk.